Make a Rainbow

double rainbow maker

As you probably know, hanging a crystal in sunlight will create a rainbow once the light passes through the crystal. Simple solar-powered machines, like the one in the picture above, are sometimes added which rotate the crystals to make the rainbows dance across the room. Watching these rainbows can be a very relaxing passive activity for those in the moderate or late stages of dementia. As you know, it’s impossible, not to mention exhausting, for both the caregiver and the person with memory loss to be active all day, everyday. However, TV or the radio aren’t the only passive (read: non-caregiver directed/not relying on caregiver interaction with the person with dementia) activity options. Having a rainbow to enjoy, especially one that moves, can be a relaxing activity for those with memory loss. If someone is sitting with them, they can always reminisce about past rainbows they may have, myths about rainbows (i.e. that they have pots of gold at the end), etc. However, that’s not necessary to enjoy the experience. We all need “quiet” or “down” time to ourselves, and a moving rainbow might just be stimulating enough to keep the person’s attention, but soothing enough to help them relax.

PS This activity takes on a whole new flavor if you have an animal or small child in the room. Both love chasing the rainbow across the room!

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