Eat Nostalgic Candy


Remember Necco Wafers, Candy Cigarettes, Sky Bars, and Black Jack Chewing Gum? What about Candy Lipstick, Mary Janes, and Boston Baked Beans? Well, even if you don’t, the person with memory loss likely does. And now, thanks to the internet, many of their old favorites can be ordered and enjoyed once more! There are lots of sites that sell these classic confections, just google search “nostalgic candy,” “penny candy,” or by a particular candy’s name.

Once you have procured the candy, then the real fun can begin! Use the candy as a way to spark old memories and hear stories you might not have heard. The wrappers, the taste, and even some of the taboo subject matter (candy cigarettes!) are all great places to start the conversation. Or, try asking questions about experiences that might have involved candy, such as what was your favorite candy to get at Halloween? Did you ever steal a piece of candy as a child, what was it? Did you make gum wrapper necklaces or other crafts out of the wrappers?

You could even try making a game out of it. For example, get a few different candy bars, unwrap them, and cut into bite-sized pieces. See if the person can guess the type of candy each is. You can make it easier by showing the showing them the wrappers and having them match the name to the wrapper rather than coming up with the name by memory alone. More choices makes it harder, and of course, two choices makes it easier. You could also trying to see if they remember the jingle/slogan of the different candies, or if they remember any famous mascots/spokespeople.

Happy chewing!

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