Make Lemonade

lemonade pitcher

Nothing says summer like a cold glass of lemonade, and making it from scratch is an activity stored in the long-term memory of many older adults, so why not try it? You might find that you like it even better than the pre-made stuff from the store.

You’ll need:

6 Lemons
1 cup sugar (or equivalent amount of other sweetener)
6 cups cold water

Start by rolling the lemons on the counter for a few seconds to get the juices flowing, then cut them in half and juice them using the juicing tool of your choice (sidenote: I had no idea how many different types of juicers there were! Look at a few of the different options, below.


juicer 2

juicer 3






Try and discover and use the type used by the person with memory loss in the past in order to maximize their success with this activity, especially for those with the later stages of the disease.
Once the lemons are juiced, add the sugar and water to taste (the above amounts are only estimates. You may use more of less depending on how much juice you get from the lemons and how sweet you want the finished product to be).

Of course, making lemonade isn’t just about drinking it, at least not from an activity standpoint! There are also lots of opportunities to reminisce about when the person with memory loss might have made it in the past; if they ever had lemonade stand and if so, what they were trying to raise money for; etc.. Even if the person is in the late stages of the disease we can stimulate their sense of touch by letting them hold a lemon, their sense of smell, and their sense of taste, of course.


  1. Martha Bouyer said

    May I use this image and recipe for a school project? I am in graduate school and doing a project on what to do when life gives you lemons.

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