Screw Nuts on Bolts


This is nice activity for men in the middle to late stages of memory loss who used to enjoy tinkering in the garage. I stole the picture from a parenting blog, What do you do all day?. She mentioned using different sized nuts and bolts, but you could certainly make them all the same size if you think different sizes would be frustrating for the person with memory loss. I also like that she superglued the head of the bolts to the board so they don’t get lost/fall out.

If you’re feel super crafty and/or just really don’t want to lose the nut, you can make a nut and bolt fidget “toy” like the one below (I would put the nut in the center section rather than the end to avoid losing it). It’s intended to just be a riddle, basically a “How did you do that” but I think spinning the nut on the bolt could be a fun, soothing activity for a former carpenter.

bolt puzzle

Watch a video on how to make your own here. Simply substitute a bolt and nut for the nail they use in the video.

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