Build a Model Ship

Building model ships is a fun hobby for the young and the young at heart, sailing enthusiasts, woodworking enthusiasts, history buffs, military buffs, and many others.  It’s also a great intergenerational activity. 

The options range from simple

Easy Sailboat

to quite complex

Difficult Sailboat

so be sure to match the person’s skill level, dexterity, and patience!

There are also non-sailboat options for those who may have other boating interests or experiences, such as motor boats

motor boat

or even Noah’s ark!


For those in the early stages of the disease, all you may need to do is buy the kit and stand back.  For new builders or those in the later stages of the disease, more hands-on help may be needed.  Even if the individual doesn’t do much building, they can also help paint/apply the decals.  Or, it may be a jumping off point to reminisce about past military service, building models in childhood, or other boating-related experiences.

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