String Beads


Stringing beads is a great activity for people in the early and middle stages of memory loss, if you modify the activity appropriately. Those in the early stages will likely be able to string smaller beads (assuming they have the physical dexterity and eyesight to do so) and will likely be able to execute more complex patters or add clasps or fasteners a great way to make bracelets and necklaces for holiday gifts. Those in the middle stages may need larger beads (such as the wooden ones below or plastic “pony” beads) and may need someone to sit with them to demonstrate the project and perhaps even cue them to pick up the beads, put it on the string, etc. The resulting string of beads can be saved and worn or unstrung the beads re-strung. Even if the individual can’t string beads due to vision problems or dexterity issues such as from arthritis, they can help choose the colors and the order in which you string them.

Whatever the stage of memory loss, the activity can be a nice way to reminisce about jewelry the person wore in the past, talk about occasions where jewelry is worn, etc..

These large wooden beads make stringing easier.

pony beads.
Colorful pony beads feature a large hole that also make stringing them easier. They’ll even fit on pipecleaners!


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