Use a Massage Roller


I’ve written about the benefits of getting a massage before, but that post focused on the person with memory loss receiving the massage at the hands of another. However, there are lots of hand-held massage tools that a person with memory loss, even perhaps those in the moderate stages of the disease could use either to massage themself or someone else. Many people with memory loss are suffering from many losses and feel like they are “taking” care from others much more than they give back. The nice thing about this activity is that it gives someone the opportunity to say “thank you” to those that are caring for them by allowing them to treat others to a massage. Of course, they may prefer to massage themself, but you may be surprised at how eager the person with memory loss is to offer up a massage to you!

Of course, massage rollers come in lots of shapes and sizes, as you can see below, so be sure to choose wisely. Someone who tends to be combative should probably use a soft rubber roller rather than a wooden one just in case they become aggressive with it in their hand. Someone with arthritis might prefer a style with a handle, while someone else might prefer the tube-style than can simply be rubbed between their hands. Even those in the late stages of teh disease might like feeling the different textures or enjoy the sensation of the roller against their skin. In fact, the blue rubber version seen below is designed for those with cognitive issues in mind. of course, different styles are also intended to massage different parts of the body, so that will guide your decision as well.

A few examples…






Massage Roller B

images (1)

P.S. With the holidays fast approaching, this can be a great gift idea!

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