Look at “Chatterbox” Cards


Looking for a last minute gift for someone with memory loss in your life? Look no further! These reminiscing cards by Chatterbox are a great option for those whose memories of the past are stronger than those of the present. In the companies own words, “1940s and 1950s CHATTERBOX cards create opportunities for people to enjoy each other’s company across the generations, by encouraging interaction, communication and connection, for everyone’s pleasure and benefit….The 26 card subjects in each box were researched among over 160 people between the ages of 65 and 99 years old.
They are the everyday subjects that everyone finds amusement in remembering, like holidays and home life; hairdos and handkerchiefs. They make it easy to enjoy fascinating and fun conversations about people’s life experiences from a time that holds some of their most vibrant and enduring memories.”

Even better, these cards even include background information and a few conversation starters on the back. They’re sold only in the U.K., but thanks to the internet you can have them shipped right to your door! Just visit their website at http://www.manyhappyreturns.org/ .

Even if the person with memory loss doesn’t speak much, that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy looking at items from the past. In fact, don’t be surprised if these familiar items and topics prompt a few comments more than interactions with the here and now!

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