View Christmas Lights

heinz drive

This was a hard post to title. So please forgive me for it’s vagueness. I don’t know if your family does this, but for years growing up my parents would bundle up the family, load up the car, and go drive around looking at the light displays on the rich side of town. Of course, we also had to take a drive through the county-sponsored light show, too (see the above picture). Either option is great for the person with memory loss to enjoy, so no matte what’s available to you, you’ve got a great nighttime activity. Since it gets dark so early this time of year, many people with memory loss to want to go to bed at only 7:00 or 8:00 pm, meaning they wake up super early in the morning. Going for a drive to look at the lights is a nice way to keep people up and engaged a little later. Even better, if you live a cold climate like I do, the chill in the air might help keep people awake, too! Of course, conversation and reminiscing is always great. You talk about which display you like best, how the person used to decorate the outside of their home for the holidays, how high the homeowner’s electric bill must be…

answer for this homeowner: crazy high.

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