Make Potpourri Sachets


Potpourri sachets are a fun project to work on during the cold winter months while everyone is stuck indoors. You can make them as simple or complex as you like, and often they can be made just using odds and ends you have lying around the house-no driving to the store necessary. A basic sachet can be made as follows.

1. Find a scrap of fabric (even an old t-shirt will work). Fold it in half, and cut the shape you want your sachet to be. If you cut near the fold, leaving it intact, you’ll only have to sew 2 sides rather than 3. If you’re fabric has a “right” side and a “wrong” side, be sure to cut it with the “right” sides together.
2. Sew the pieces of fabric together, leaving one side open.
3. Turn the fabric inside out. It should now be “right” side out.
4. Fill the sachet with potpourri. You can use cedar chips, dried lavender, dried herbs, store-bought potpourri, whatever you like. Don’t fill the sachet all the way up.
5. Either use a ribbon to tie the bag shut (as in the picture above) or sew the 4th side shut.
6. Enjoy!

To make the project harder for a more avid sewer or someone earlier in the disease, try making fun shapes (like hearts, fish, whatever you like!), or sew an extra ribbon to the bag so it can be hung in a closet. To make the project easier, use pre-made bags like the ones below and have the person with memory loss simply fill them. Of course, this is also a great project for reminiscing, so be sure to have the person smell the potpourri (smell is one sense that generally remains intact far into the disease) and ask what it reminds them of. Or, ask them what smells they liked to have in their home, how they used potpourri in the past, etc..


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