Look at an Old Baby Book


Looking at old photos is a great way to get old memories flowing, and few memories are as happy as the birth of a baby! So why not dust that old baby book off the shelf and see if any old memories come to the surface for the person with memory loss (assuming the book you have is for their children, not the record of their own first years!). Of course, it’s always possibly, especially for those in the later stages of the disease, that they may not recognize the babies in the photos, so be prepared for that possibility. Of course, if you don’t have access to their children’s baby books or if you don’t want to risk them getting lost or damaged, you can always pull out other old baby photos. Those in the moderate to late stages of the disease might like just looking at photos of ANY baby or may identify a photo of any baby as that of their own children. Those in the early stages of the disease might enjoy looking through the baby books of their grandchildren. They might even volunteer to help a busy new mom complete one!

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