Make a Scarf


Sadly, it’s still winter. Happily, that means there is still plenty of time to make a wear a super-cute scarf! I found this tutorial online on She claims she made the super cute scarf in the picture from an old t-shirt in just 15 minutes! While we should probably budget a bit more time for someone with memory loss to complete the project, here are her easy-to-follow instructions.

1 XL or XXL t-shirt
9″ paper plate
decorative pin/flower (optional)

1. Lay t-shirt out flat (make sure you can get 8-12 circles)
2. Use paper plate to trace 8-12 circles on t-shirt (4-6 on each side of the shirt)
3. cut out circles
4. cut each fabric circle into a spiral (*see how to do this in the video)
5. stretch each piece of fabric and lay all pieces together
6. tie around your neck and place a pretty flower pin to dress it up!

Click here to watch Kim’s video tutorial to see more detail how to make this scarf and 2 others.

*Kim suggests gluing 2 pieces together, I did not do that, so I just got a shorter scarf.

If you don’t have a big enough t-shirt, no problem, just use two of the same color for a mono-color scarf, or two different colors for a bi-colored version. I would also really advise watching the video. The tutorial for this scarf starts at about the 3:00 minute mark, but I think I like the one demonstrated immediately before it even better! Best of all, both versions can easily be done by those with mild or moderate memory loss. Those in the moderate stages can help trace the circles and cut them out. They may be able to cut the spirals unassisted or may benefit from some guidelines. If so, you can use a washable marker or chalk to make lines for them to follow.

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