Attend a Children’s Recital


Going to a child’s dance recital, music recital, play, etc. is a great activity idea for those with memory loss of any stage. Those in the early stage will love seeing their grandchild, neighbor, whomever on stage. Those in the moderate to severe stages might not recognize the little (or not so little) ones on stage, but will likely enjoy the event nonetheless. Even better for those who may be nervous that the person with dementia might unintentionally disrupt the program by making noise or getting up is the fact that these events are designed for the restless brothers and sisters in the audience! There are frequent breaks between performers, making easy for you to make a quick get away if the person gets bored. Lots of young kids means that the person with memory loss is highly unlikely to be the only potentially loud attendee (when was teh last time you went to one of these events and a baby didn’t start crying?).

So, give it a try! Who wouldn’t want to watch those cute ballerinas in the picture? Attending these events is also a fun way to ask about activities the person with memory loss used to participate in, or what types of recitals they watched their kids in. Don’t forget to ask about the embarrassing things their kids used to do in the audience, or even on stage!

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