Flip Through a Bridal Magazine

bride magazine

A woman’s wedding day is generally one of those well-encoded memories that resists at least some of the ravages of time and memory loss. Therefore, it makes a perfect topic for reminiscing. Get the conversation started by flipping though a bridal magazine. Even if the person was never married, or doesn’t remember their wedding in great detail, if at all, I bet she’ll have lots to say about the dresses, flowers, and advice in the magazine. Questions to get the conversation flowing could be:

Would you wear this dress? Why or why not? What did your wedding dress look like? How much did it cost (then tell her how much the dress in the picture is!)
What do you think about brides who are getting re-married wearing white?
Which of these bouquets do you like beset? Which bouquet looks the most like the one you carried?
Which of these honeymoon locations sounds the best to you? Why?
What advice would you give a newlywed?
Where was your reception?

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  1. I love this!!

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