Volunteering is a great way for a person with mild memory loss to get out in the community and feel like they’re contributing, an important thing for someone who may be feeling a blow to their self-esteem and self-confidence due to changes brought on by dementia. The secret is to finding a volunteer job that’s not too easy but not too hard. You can begin the search on http://www.volunteermatch.org/ but don’t let that limit you. Lots of places are always desperate for volunteers, including local animal rescue leagues, hospitals, nursing homes, parks and rec departments, places of worship, local non-profit agencies, etc., so be sure to consider them, too. The volunteer job can be as simple as stuffing envelopes or as complex as becoming a foster grandparent (learn more about becoming a foster parent by clicking here), depending on the comfort and cognition of the individual. Those with more trouble with memory or who are a bit shy might prefer to have a friend or relative volunteer with them so they have a familiar face to go to if they need help, so consider making giving back an event the whole family can participate in!

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