Make Tissue Paper Flowers


I don’t know about you, but after the winter we’ve had I could really use some color in life, and spring just isn’t springing fast enough! These paper flowers are a fun, simple and cheap way to bring some color into your house. You can make a whole bouquet and put them in a vase, you can make one and put it on a gift instead of a bow, or you can even hang them from the ceiling!

This time, rather than try and write out all the steps, I found a great tutorial on youtube, so I’m going to send you there to check it out. Just click here to open the tutorial in a new window. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Simple, huh? For those of you who may be concerned about converting centimeters to inches, don’t worry about it. Make your folds as big or small as you like, the smaller the fold, the denser the flower will look, the bigger the fold, the more “open” it will be. However, if you must know, 1-1.5 cm is about 1/2 an inch, so there you go.

As usual, the more cognitively impaired the person is, the more help they’ll need. Someone in the moderate stages, for example, may be able to do the folding only after you demonstrate a few fold first, or may need help remembering all the steps. The good news, however, is that tissue paper is so cheap, it doesn’t matter if they make any mistakes, you can always try again!


  1. Marsha said

    I love your suggestions! I will share them (and your blog) with friends in N.C.

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