Make String Art

card kit front

The contents of the kit.

The contents of the kit.

These fun designs are actually super easy to make, simply wrap the string around the provided shapes and voila! An instant art masterpiece! To change the design, simply change how you you wrap the string. Once you’ve found a design you like, you can mount it to a card, like the kit above suggests, frame it, make a mobile…the possibilities are limitless! Or, you can unwrap the string and design again another day! This activity is great for people in the early stages of memory loss to do with their grandkids, or for those in the moderate stages have their grandkids help them do. It’s also nice for people who tend to be very figity, as the rhythmic wrapping of the string can be very soothing and almost hypnotic. As with all crafts and activities in dementia, remember to focus on fun of the process, not the end result. You purchase these kits at craft stores or, of course, online. This particular kit is part of the American Girl’s franchise and is attributed to the character from the 1970s, so maybe this craft will trigger some long term memory from someone who lived through the time period? I can’t be sure, but it’s worth a try!

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