Play Knok Hockey

Nok Hockey

Knock or “Nok” Hockey is a fun table top hockey that is similar to air hockey, but doesn’t require a trip to the arcade! The rules are fairly simple, and can be found at the official website of Knock Hockey at Simply put, however, the goal is to score more points that your opponent. You get and your opponent take turns hitting the puck (unlike in air hockey which is more of a free for all) and the first person to a certain number of goals, wins! This game is great because of its simple objective-few rules to remember makes it easier for the person with memory loss. It’s even fun to practice your skills without an opponent, so it’s something the person with memory loss may be able to do on their own after a few demonstrations provided by you. Of course, those in the later stages will need someone to help keep them focuses and maybe even to help guide their hand, but that doesn’t’ mean that they won’t enjoy playing. Obviously, this is also a great activity for men and/or hockey fans!

For those of you who are feeling very adventurous and/or just like to build things, you can make your own Knok Hockey table! Visit this website for instructions! Otherwise, you can buy a table online or in some large-box stores or toy stores.

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