Play Stadium Checkers

Stadium Checkers, also known as Roller Bowl, is a fun game in which players try to be the first to move all their colored marbles from the outter to the inner rings of the game board or “stadium”. Per Wikipedia:

“Players begin the game by choosing one color of marble and placing them in the start positions on the outer-most ring on the board. Starting with the start player, players take turns choosing one of the rings on the board and rotating it until one or more marbles drop to the next ring. A player cannot choose a ring to rotate that does not have marbles adjacent to it, as marbles must be made to drop by twisting the ring on a player’s turn. As the marbles work towards the center chutes, players try to navigate their marbles towards their chute. If a player’s marble falls into a chute that is not his own, the marble is returned to the start position on the outer-most ring of the board. The first player to get all five of their marbles into their chute in the center wins the game.”

This game is super fun, was originally introduced and, I’m told, quite popular in the 1950s, so it may be stored in long term memory for those who were board game aficionados in the past. However, even for those who never played, the concept of turning the circles to race their marbles to the center is pretty easy to grasp. Heck, even if you don’t play it as a game, just moving the marbles down and creating fun patterns while you go is fun!

Don’t forget to reminisce while playing! Ask if the person with memory loss remembers playing this or other games, who they played with, if they ever cheated at a board game, etc!

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