Play Shamrock Bingo



Get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, and play some Shamrock Bingo! Many free printables, such as this one, can be found online. Try to avoid bingo cards with busy designs – they may be too confusing for the person with dementia. The example above is ideal because there are only a few squares, they do not contain words or numbers, and most of the images are recognizable. Be alert to confusion or frustration in the person, and help them through this if it occurs.

You might consider serving green jello or shepherd’s pie before or after the activity. Make a day of it, and get your Irish on!


  1. Anonymous said

    cute idea, how would I began to play this?

    • trusso599 said

      Thank you for commenting, and I’m glad you like the post! I would suggest beginning by gathering your supplies: printed out color copies of the bingo card and plenty of bingo chips. When you are ready to start playing, you could try calling out each square (for ex., “Hat”, “Leprechaun”, etc.), or if you can print a large picture of each square, it may be easier to hold up the picture of a hat, Leprechaun, etc. rather than saying the word.

      I hope this was helpful, and we’d love to hear how it went if you are able to try this one out. Thank you for visiting!

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