Use a Twiddle Muff

twiddle muff - bluetwiddle muff - cat


When you hear the word “activities”, what do you think of?  Maybe you picture arts & crafts, bingo, card games, or woodworking.  To participate in such activities, one must: follow instruction, sequence multiple steps, maintain mental focus, etc., etc. Executing such activities effectively involves use of higher order cognitive processes that are eventually eroded in dementia. Activities need to be simplified more and more extensively as the disease progresses. As your person enters the late stage of the disease, even familiar activities may become too complex.

However, it is critical that those with late stage dementia still be engaged. Keep in mind that “activities” may no longer resemble activities that we would traditionally think of. Reading a book out loud to the person with dementia, listening to a song together, or looking out the front window are all activities suitable for individuals in the later stages of the disease. At this point in the disease process, sensory stimulation or ‘passive’ activities tend to work best.

For someone in the late stage of Alzheimer’s, the Twiddle Muff may be an ideal choice of activity. The friendly, soft and cozy muff, contains a soft, squeezable ball tethered within the center of the muff. It also has three exchangeable gadgets: a sealed satin bag containing movable marbles, a strand of textured ribbons, a loop of colorful wooden beads, as well as a soft, faux suede pocket for personal essentials and a velcro tab patch.

The Twiddle®Cat provides comfort, warmth, and activity to promote increased hand flexibility and brain stimulation. It can help and comfort those with diminished hand mobility, limited social interaction or anyone soothed by repetitive tactile motion.

Interested in learning more or purchasing this product? Follow the links below:

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