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Paint Acorns for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Painted Acorns     paint-fall-acorns

Want a beautiful way to embrace the Thanksgiving spirit? How about making an easy-to-do Thanksgiving centerpiece? I’ve found a simple method for doing this here. For those that have life-long love affair with arts and crafts, this is truly a must try activity. I’ve included the step-by-step directions below. Follow along here or visit for a more detailed description, plus other neat tips, tutorials, and project ideas.

  • Gather acorns outdoors. Ideally, you are looking for acorns with the caps still intact. Try to collect enough to line a cookie sheet.
  • Place the acorns in a foil-lined cookie sheet.
  • Heat oven to 170 degrees. Bake for 1.5-2 hours.
  • Remove acorns from oven and allow to cool.
  • Using acrylic paint, paint just the bottoms of the acorns with a brush. One coat will do, but feel free to add a second coat if that’s more your style.
  • Allow the paint on the acorns to dry.
  • Set out painted acorns in a candy dish or other centerpiece arrangement.

If you live in an area where acorns are plentiful, you could even make finding the acorns outside an activity in itself. Keep in mind that it is the act of doing that is pleasurable for the person with dementia, not necessarily the outcome. So essentially, don’t put too much pressure on the person to paint immaculately done acorns. If a drip of paint gets onto one of the acorn caps, who really cares? The most important thing is to have fun!

Think how accomplished you and your person will feel after making this gorgeous piece of eye candy for you and your guests to admire during the Thanksgiving feast. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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