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A Book Review of I’m Still Here by Dr. John Zeisel

I’m Still Here by Dr. John Zeisel represents a paradigm shift in the field of dementia care. In place of the traditional deficit-focused assessments and intervention strategies, Zeisel encourages care partners to instead capitalize on the remaining strengths and abilities possessed by the person living with the disease. Alzheimer’s disease is, for many, a long journey — perhaps lasting a decade or more. Over the course of this journey, the person still has the capacity to participate meaningfully in life and form new, rich memories. He/she still has access to many well-preserved abilities; in fact, some abilities become more acute after the onset of dementia. The person with Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, may excel at tasks that require artistic expression or emotional intelligence. In the absence of self-censorship, the person may become more creative. By relying more heavily upon innate non-verbal communication, the person may become more emotionally perceptive and sensitive.

Zeisel outlines in his book practical and strategic methods for implementing a strength-based, compassionate approach to Alzheimer’s care. Various nonpharmacological methodologies are explored, such as use of visual and dramatic arts in care provision, effective communication strategies, and caregiver mindfulness. I’m Still Here is a book rich in information and is touted by many as a must-read for anyone affected by a diagnosis of dementia. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn more about this innovative care model. Call (248) 996-1053 to purchase this book today!

Learn more about the book and its mission at John Zeisel’s blog Hear Dr. Zeisel’s keynote presentation at our Fall Conference on November 5th!

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