Feed the Ducks or Birds

Gather up old bread and walk or drive to the nearest duck or bird watering hole.  Sit on a bench or folding chair and toss small pieces of bread.  Even if you don’t see any animals right away, don’t worry; they’ll find you! 

 This activity is full of conversation starters.  What types of ducks or birds do you see?  What are their personalities?  You can also discuss any other people around you, the weather, and the rest of your surroundings. 

 Even people who have trouble talking might like sitting in the sunshine (with proper protection, of course) and listening to the sounds of nature.  If leaving the house is hard, why not hang a birdfeeder in the backyard?  You can purchase a seed feeder or make your own.  To make your own feeder, tie a piece of ribbon or wire to a pinecone.  Smear peanut butter on the pinecone, then roll in birdseed.  Voila!  You’ve made your own birdfeeder (this is also a great activity to do with the grandkids).

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