Go for a Walk

Spring is here!  Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts (this is Michigan, after all, so don’t think that we’re done with the cold yet!), and go for a walk with the person with memory loss.  As my mother always says, it’s good to get out of the house and “get the stink blown off you” and I bet after months of being cooped up, the person with memory loss will be ready to get outside for a while. 

I don’t know about your neighborhood, but bulbs are starting to grow in mine.  I also have a few elementary school kids near my house.  If you do to, why not go around recess and watch the kids play (and reminisce about when YOU had that much energy!)?

***Bloggers note:  I know this suggestion is kind of obvious, but it’s too beautiful out to try and think of something more clever!  I’ll try again in a few days!

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