Create and Maintain a Facebook Page

Facebook, as you probably know, is a fun “social media” website where users create their own profile, which is connected to their friend’s online profiles, allowing them to share updates, pictures, etc between the two.  Because of its huge popularity,  (over 900 million users!) it’s a great way for people in the early stages to keep up with the happenings in the family, whether it be a granddaughter’s graduation, look at a grandson’s wedding photos, or post information about what’s going in their life! 

For those with computer experience, setting up a profile is easy, but for those with memory loss, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have someone tech-savvy near by so they don’t get too frustrated before they even get going.  After the profile is created, posting simple reminders of how to do the most basic functions, such as post an update or read something on someone elses, would probably be appreciated.  For those with more moderate memory loss, they may not be able to navigate Facebook independently, but may enjoy looking at other’s photo albums or having a conversation about a relative’s big news they’ve posted on the site. 

To get started on Facebook, click here.

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