Make a Holiday Centerpiece


Just about everyone a bunch of miscellaneous holiday stuff lying about the house. Whether it’s a bits of ribbons and bows, extra christmas tree bulbs, extra evergreen branches trimmed off the tree, wrapping paper, candles, and old basket or anything else, if you add it all together you generally can make a pretty nice centerpiece for your dinning room table for almost no money. Look around your house for these extra holiday goodies, as well as anything else you think might look nice in the centerpiece, lay it all out on a table, and go to town. You may want a block of craft foam to help anchor it, depending on your container. Or, you can start with a pre-made bouquet and add some personal embellishments from your holiday stash. Lots of inspiration can be found on google images, of course, pinterest, just type in “Christmas centerpiece”.

Those in the early stages of the disease should be fairly independent in completing this craft, while those in the moderate stages may need more supervision to stay on task, help manipulating the objects, etc. Those in the later stages may be able to tell you what to use, but you may need to physically do it. This is a great project for visiting family or friends to do with the person with memory loss, as often visitors are unsure what to do or say. Giving them a concrete idea of what to do, and the help the person might need, helps them feel in control and makes the visit much more enjoyable for everyone.

A few more examples to get your creative juices flowing:
bowl with fruit


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