Wash Windows

photo courtesy of totalperfectioncleaning.com

photo courtesy of totalperfectioncleaning.com

Washing windows is a great activity because it taps into long-term memory and gives the person with memory loss a sense of helping others. Particularly for those in the moderate stages of the disease, this task is very easy to break down into simple steps e.g. spray the window, wipe the glass, etc. For those in the earlier stages of the disease, handing them a roll of paper towel and your favorite cleaning spray and pointing them towards the grime might be all the oversight you need. Either way, cleaning is actually a great topic of reminiscence. YOu can ask if they used chemicals or “hone remedies” like vinegar and baking power (which are currently enjoying a comeback) to clean; if they had a certain cleaning “schedule” (such as Monday was laundry, Tuesday was mopping, etc); etc.

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