Use Rubbing Plates

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

These simple plastic plates make beautiful artwork a snap-even for those of us who can’t draw! Simply place the plate under a sheet of paper and rub a crayon or colored pencil over the width of the plate. The resulting pciture can be hung as art; cut out and added to card stock to make homemade greeting cards; laminated and placed on a popsicle stick to label plants; used as bookmarks-the only limit is your imagination! Those in the early stages are likely more apt to try this activity if it’s incorporated into a a project, while those in the middle stages may be content just to enjoy the soothing repetition of rubbing the crayon over the plate. Those in the middle stages may need you to demonstrate the process to help them get started as well as help switching form one plate to the next. Even those with severe memory loss may be able to rub the crayon over a plate if you help them start the motion by guiding their hand.

Of course, this activity is great for reminiscing. Sample questions can focus on the images on the plate, so for the flower images, above, you could ask about which of teh flowers the person has grown in the past, what types of flower is their favorite (or least favorite), when each type of flower is in bloom, etc.

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