Watch an Ant Farm


Ant farms were “invented/introduced” to pop-culture in the late 1920s, but were a popular toy well into the 60s and 70s. Therefore, while not let the person with memory loss relive and remember some of the fun they might have had as a child with a new one to watch and tend! No longer just filled with sand or soil, you can now buy an ant farm with a space-age gel that the ants can not only tunnel in, but eat! No matter what type you buy, a “retro” version or a newer model, they are pretty low maintenance, but can provide you with hours of entertainment as you watch them build tunnels, carry food, and live life as a colony. This activity might be particularly familiar with men, as little boys were a main target of media advertising during the ant farm renaissance. However, anyone not afraid of bugs can enjoy this quiet, relaxing activity.

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