Plant an Herb Garden

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photo courtesy of

Even though the seasons are changing, it doesn’t mean you need to stop gardening. All you need to do is move your efforts inside, and an herb garden is a super simple way to do so.
Place your plants, starting either from seeds or starter plants, where they’ll receive at least five hours of sunlight per day. A south-facing windowsill is ideal if you have one. The person with memory loss can enjoy planting the seeds or transferring the small plants to larger pots; as watering them; smelling the herbs; and picking them and adding them to meals. The tactile and olfactory stimulating this project can provide makes it a great choice for people in the middle or late stages of the disease who have difficulty with verbal communication. Even those who can’t physically help plant or pick can enjoy smelling and tasting the different herbs. Scent is a very powerful memory-trigger, so you might be surprised at the long-forgotten memories these familiar smells dredge up.

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