Box with Bozo


Bozo, the world’s most famous clown, first appeared in 1946 in the first-ever read-along book, Bozo at the Circus. Bozo and his wide red hair was franchised as a local TV show in the 1950’s and 1960’s and had many popular toys. Hopefully, this popularity translates into some remaining long-term memory of the clown in the person’s with memory loss’s memory, though it’s certainly not necessary to have fun with this inflatable boxing set. This activity is nice for those who might have some extra energy to get out, who might be feeling a little agitated or upset and need a safe outlet to expel some of it, or even just for those who are no-verbal and appreciate an activity where no talking is required! Be sure to ensure the surrounding area is relatively clear so avoid breaking anything or injuring the boxer. You can punch without the inflatable “gloves” but they do offer a nice extra cushion for someone who might get overzealous or has sore hands from arthritis or other conditions.

Don’t forget to ask questions that might spur on reminiscing, such as if they remember the Bozo Show from TV, other memories involving clowns, if they ever boxed in the service or even if they got into any fights at school!

You can buy the Bozo inflatable punching bag here and Bozo’s inflatable boxing gloves here.

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